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Update ^^

January 25th, 2010 (05:04 pm)

Chantal learned me to bake cakes and make them really pretty
with fondant and everything so im totally hooked to this new hobby
and bought the stuff myself on the i-net so i can do it two
till now i baked 3 cakes

1 for my boyfriends mom it was my first one
and chantal helped me put the fondant to cover it up
and made the beautifull flower
because i have to practice a bit
its filled with buttercreme and chocolate very jummie ^^

Number two was a birthday cake for my mom it is her birthday today
but the party was on sundag
so on saterday (you follow?:P) we made a Beautifull cake!!!
we filled it with buttercreme and mandarin
the whole family was in love with the cake
the way it looked and the way it tasted

Number 3 was a cake for my grandma because she is just the sweetest
ever always there when you need her and she is all alone but she loves cake
so i baked her a little one she was so proud that she cried!!
filled with buttercreme and mandarin

it cost a lot of time and work but in the end its so amazing
what you can make ^^ and chantal is very very sweet and patient
she doesnt care if i use her stuff and she lets me take and use whatever it is she haves to learn me new things she really is a amazing friend <3
i look forward to make many more cakes with her ^^!!!

today it was a rough day Dawn was very difficult and angry today
because she didnt agree with me on anything
it was terrible i counted to 10 many times today ;)
but in the end i won and thats the main thing!!

tomorrow Chantal and i are going to swim again
swimming up and down the whole time
and hopefully it wil give me more tighter legs and stuff
thats what all ladies want right? ;)
i didnt thought i would like swimming so much
because im a well filled girl and that makes me sometimes a little shy
and i really dont like it when other people can see parts of me that i dont think are very pretty especially scars from the pregnancy
but last week i didnt care about anything
i just enjoyd myself and think what the hell
and i really like that additude it makes me happier
i have a really sweet boyfriend that loves me to death
the way i am so if i ever needed to change it will be for myself
@ the moment im very pleased with myself and it makes life much easier

on wednesday im going to a shop where they have everything you can think off
what has to do with cakes ill go there with Chantal ofcourse hahaha ;)
and i look forward to it i have to buy some things i dont have @ the moment
and wanted to buy some new baking forms and cutters

Thursday dawn go's to her daddy and then the boyfriend and i can enjoy a few days
of cuddling kissing and making out ;) hahaha
and ofcourse watching movies hahaha :P

i look forward to a quite and relaxed Weekend ^^!!!


Posted by: A_Natural_Witch (_deceit_)
Posted at: January 25th, 2010 04:13 pm (UTC)

Wow, ik zag al een paar foto's op je hyves, maar niet zo van dichtbij goed. Ik dacht eerst dat het andere dingen waren. Hahaha xD ziet er niet echt uit als cake :O En het is TE mooi om op te eten!!! :'<

Heb je mijn krabbeltje gelezen over de nieuwe vamp-serie?

Posted by: heartsickterror (heartsickterror)
Posted at: January 25th, 2010 05:21 pm (UTC)


thanks ^^ das echt lief van je!
Ja het is ook zonde om op te eten maar het is nog erger als het slecht word natuurlijk ;)

Ja heb je krabbel gelezen dankjewel
geen tijd gehad om te antwoorden sorrie :$

Posted by: justmyself09 (justmyself09)
Posted at: January 25th, 2010 10:29 pm (UTC)

En nu woensdag nog... Dan kan je thuis er ook tegen aan ;)

Vind t leuk om je die dingen te leren :) Miss moet k ma gauw een klasje oprichten :P:P:P

Dikke (K)

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