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heartsickterror [userpic]

January 19th, 2010 (02:32 pm)

tonight swimming with Chantal
we always have fun together so this time its just the same ;)

today was a boring day
my sisters boyfriend (Frenske) brought dawn an me to her school
and then frenske and i went shopping and talked a lot
2 friends of him where also there Mike & Daniel
now im sitting in front of the tv with the laptop in my lap
watching pooh bear hahaha ;)
dawn loves to wach those things
but she really likes to play on the Nintendo wii
things like: Diego & Dora and wii Fitniss
on the wii fitniss there are balance game's and she loves them all
its really a perfect thing for a little girl who cant go outside for very long
because its just to cold :(

i hope the weather is going to be nice again
but i think thats gonna take a while..
tomorrow where going to buy new shoes for dawn
while she's in school
she hates shopping or anything like it
so when she doesnt need to come i wont take her with me

im off for now __ till next time xx