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heartsickterror [userpic]

January 18th, 2010 (12:57 pm)

Weekend was great!!
Dawn was with her dad
so my boyfriend kevin and me had the weekend alone
i miss dawn everytime she leaves
but sometimes its very relaxed to have the weekend off
so we can do something

thurstday  i went to kevin and i could stay there for the night
we went to a friend of him Rick and we watched Lord of the rings
because kevin wanted to see that movie again

friday he had to deliver the mail
and so i helped him like always
because i'm a sweet girlfriend ;)
in the evening we went to my place
and we spend to night together watching movies
en having a wonderfull romantic evening

saterday we went to Heerlen with the bus
because i needed new glasses and he would help me pick something
we both liked and they have to messure my eyes again
the test said that one eye was a bit behind
so we picked out a new design Red or Dead
funny name ^^ fits right ;)

then we took the bus to Chantal a very good friend because it was her birthday ^^
we had a lovely time and then we took the bus to heerlen again
and we eated by the macdonalds
and take the bus home to watch some movies
and have a second romantic evening again <3

and sunday we stayed in bed and kissed till it was the afternoon allready ^^
then we had breakfast and in the evening we picked dawn up from my ex boyfriend
and we did her in the shower and then she played with the wii till she had to go to bed
then kevin and i stayed up till eleven o clock and we watched some tv
till he had to go home that made me really sad
i always feel like there taking a part from me

todat its monday and my sisters boyfriend drove dawn and me to school
and then we did some things he wanted to do and we picked dawn up again
now she is watching tv and tonight we go to bed really early
because im tired and tomorrow she is going back to school

in the evening im going to the swimming pool with Chantal
where going to do that every tuesday
and i think it would be great
because Chantal is such a sweet person <3

thats it for now xx


Posted by: A_Natural_Witch (_deceit_)
Posted at: January 18th, 2010 03:19 pm (UTC)

Hi meid!

Ik heb jou en Kevin vorige week ergens gezien ^^
Aan't eind van de week , kan dat :P
Toen liepen jullie naar het treinstation ^^

Ik geloof dat jullie dat waren.
Ik reed voorbij


Posted by: heartsickterror (heartsickterror)
Posted at: January 19th, 2010 11:04 am (UTC)

Ja dat klopt!! ;)

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