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__+English Again+__

January 14th, 2010 (09:41 am)

here i am again im writing in English from now on because there are so much people here
that dont understand Dutch so im gonna try it in English from now on
you dont have to bug me about language mistakes or anything because i dont give a fuck!

for the English readers let me introduce myself my name is Linda
but friends call me Lin and i prefer if you did the same ;)
im a 22 year old mother from Holland i have a great daughter she is 3 years old and her name is Dawn i post a picture of here @ the boddom  she can be really sweet and she can be stubborn she knows exactly what she wants just like her mommy hahaha ;)

Dawn's father and me are not together anymore because he was just a lazy ass guy who couldnt care to work or go to school and when he was home when i was working and learning my butt off he wouldnt do anything in the house so he was just a lazy ass basterd
we fight all the time and he would always call me things and stuff
so one day i packed my baggs and i never gonna go back again i allready wasted 5 years of my life on this guy ..

when i was a single mom i got a date from the i-net with a guy i always talked to on msn
when i saw him i was stunned he was so georges and later on he was so cute!!
i was so in love <3 butterflies in my stomach
we dated a few more times and then he taked my hand and later on we kissed <3
and now we are (22 januari) 10 months together and its going great!
he is so sweet and he loves me so much he always lets me know that he loves me
and cant live without me and always makes me smile even when i dont feel great
ow his name is Kevin btw hahaha ;) Kevin and Dawn are a great match they play all day long they have both adhd so they can go on for ours hahaha

@ the moment i live with my parrents again and sometimes i really like to go away
and want a place for myself and other times they are really great and give me all the support i need so its kinda complicated i guess..

Today Dawn go's to her real father (Patrick)
she stays there till sunday
thats the time when kevin and i are together 24/7
and i love it.. it takes my mind off the fact that my little girl isnt with me
and it gives me the time to come to rest
normaly ill have to go up about six thirty and then i can sleep as long as i want ^^

on friday i'm up @ ten so i can help my boyfriend because he works from monday till Thursday
and then on friday he brings mail with his bike and i always help him with the 2 of us its about a half day and where so much faster when i help him so ill always do <3

and this weekend im gonna help him again and then
we have the weekend to ourselfs
on Saterday a really good friend of mine Chantal has her birthday
so we gonna go and make it a party ^^

if you have questions dont hessitate just ask ;)

this is: Me my little girl and in the background my little sister Suzanne

Here we are again picture taken a couple of days ago

*The perfect Boyfriend* ^^

us together not so long ago ..
<3 you very much!!


Posted by: cr4zysh0rty (cr4zysh0rty)
Posted at: January 14th, 2010 10:08 pm (UTC)

haha wel grappig dat engels, ma ik d8 dat mensen et alleen konden lezen wanneer je ze toevoegd ;)... kwist nie dat je engelse mensjes kon, behalve steve..

haha, mja blijft toch leuk

cheerio mate...

Posted by: heartsickterror (heartsickterror)
Posted at: January 17th, 2010 06:29 pm (UTC)

Thank you :)

hahha she is very cute
and she knows very well how to play you ;) hahaha


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