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January 12th, 2010 (07:43 pm)

for the first time in month's Steve is online he was a very good friend to me
and we had lots and lots of fun going out to ''heerlen'' a town nearby
he dated a girl who was a friend from me also
so we had great days back then but all of a sudden they broke up
because she got feelings for another guy and i felt so bad for steve
it broke my heart to see him unhappy and he couldnt take the loss
and decited that he was going to the u.s.a again to see his family
we tekst message alot and once in a while he would call or sent me postcards
he told me he came to visit me
but  then he said he was in love with me and i didnt now what to do
i was in a relationship and apart from that i didnt see him that way
i always acted like he was my big brother
again his heart was torn apart and it was me
i feelt so guilty i was so affraid that i'd given him the wrong signs
but we where always nice and he would always call me love and sweety
because he liked me so much he said once 
so he was in love with me and i didnt want him to visit because i didnt want to see him unhappy
he said to me that he wouldnt come to visit me and he didnt want the contact either because he couldnt handle that
i was so sick that day i cried my eyes out over this!!
we were not always together and there where times we wouldnt see each other for months
but still we had contact and e-mails and webcam's to tell things 

back to today: 
he was online on msn 
he unblocked me and he tell me what a huge mistake he made
that he really loved me as a sister
and that he was wrong all along and that he missed my friendschip so much
so im going crazy and feel so happy ^^
@ the moment he is in london 
thats so wierd because Chantal and i where last week talking about going someday to london
he said we could visit anytime we want and that he wants to meet the new boyfriend 
because he is so happy that i found a men for live <3
and somebody that doesnt treat me the way patrick dit 
so im in a happy mood tonight ^^ 



Posted by: justmyself09 (justmyself09)
Posted at: January 13th, 2010 09:02 am (UTC)

LOL so we have a place to crash??? That's really really good to hear :) Saves us hotelcosts :P


Posted by: ♥ (glamourxshotgun)
Posted at: January 13th, 2010 09:46 am (UTC)

Leuk, dat je een goede vriend terughebt!
En een tripje erbij is altijd mooi he :P

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